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Benjamin Rohaut

Neuro Intensivist & Scientist exploring Consciousness and Brain Dysfunction in the ICU

Unconscious processing operates under conscious influences

Our paper entitled “Unconscious semantic processing of polysemous words is not automatic” about processing of subliminal polysemous (or ambiguous) words like “BANK”, “PALM” ect … is available online in Neuroscience of Consciousness (open access).


See also the INSERM press release, the article in Le Figaro newspaper (Fr) and the “Votre santé m’interesse “TV show (Fr)

Experimental Paradigm:


Reference: Rohaut B, Alario F-X, Meadow J, Cohen L, & Naccache L. Unconscious semantic processing of polysemous words is not automatic. Neuroscience of Consciousness. 2016 Jan 1;2016(1):niw010.